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Follow up:

CallingCards.com sells prepaid international calling cards and phone cards that allow people, from all around the world, to talk using normal telephones at tremendous cost savings.

Since we accept global orders, your potential customers can be located anywhere. Unlike other VOIP solutions, such as Skype, users are not confined to their computer, or wi-fi. Use our calling cards from ANY phone, including cellular, and from multiple countries.

  • Free Calling Card to Anywhere Links - We offer new customers a 10 minute free call to ANY phone number, in any country in the world. We encourage you to give away free calling cards to attract customers. There are no payment information even asked, so customers have can ensure they will enjoy their free calling card risk-free.

  • Category Links include Military, Students, Travel, and more.

  • Country Links include links targeting  a specific country such as Mexico, UK, India, Philippines, China, etc. We provide links for targeting callers who call TO that country, or FROM that country.

  • Language Links are available for Spanish, French, German, and Chinese versions of CallingCards.com.